Powerful Women Interview Series: Stacey Brass-Russell, Master Transformational Life & Business Coach, Founder of Inspired Evolution, LLC, Shares Five of the Most Valuable Lessons She’s Learned in Business

An interview with Natalie Ruiz

Natalie Ruiz
10 min readMar 8


Stacey Brass-Russell, Master Transformational Life & Business Coach, Founder of Inspired Evolution, LLC

As part of my Powerful Women series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stacey Brass-Russell. She’s had many amazing careers, reinvented herself a few times, and believes we are always right on time. I absolutely loved learning about her journey, and her advice is spot-on-spectacular!

Stacey Brass-Russell is a certified master life coach, business strategy expert, and host of the PASSIONATE & PROSPEROUS podcast. For over 20 years, she has been in the world of wellness and transformation, inspiring and motivating people to tune in, find their resilience, step into possibility, and embrace change to connect to their purpose and extraordinarily live their lives. Stacey has been on Broadway, trained, certified, and mentored hundreds of yoga teachers, and started her highly successful coaching business when she turned 50. She now helps coaches, thought leaders, light workers, and service-driven entrepreneurs make money by turning their passions, gifts & skills into tangible offers and becoming confidently visible.

Thank you so much for connecting with me and sharing your story. I’m so excited to get started!

I’m excited too! Thank you so much for inviting me!

Tell me about yourself and what you do professionally:

I’m a master life and business coach as well as a prolific content creator. So, I coach a lot of people one-on-one and inside of a mastermind as well as in my Passionate & Prosperous Academy, which is a one-year business development and personal growth program. I also put out my podcast every week called Passionate & Prosperous and create tons of trainings, workshops, and events that I offer throughout the year. So I keep myself pretty busy!

How did you get into this?

So, I actually started working when I was ten years old! I was in the original Broadway production of ANNIE from 1979–1981. I always thought I would be a performer/actor for the rest of my…



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