Featuring: Melody Norton

Meet Melody! She is the Founder and CEO of Unfeathered Ink — which offers writing, coaching & publishing services.

Natalie Ruiz
6 min readSep 12, 2020


Melody Norton, courtesy of Melody Norton

What strikes me about Melody is how she has carved out a life that fulfills her. She’s a writer, a coach, a true creative, and someone who wants to help others tell their stories, and she’s authentically herself. She’s also into van camping and dragon boating — and will be moving to Oregon soon — which seems like a perfect location for her, now that I know more about what she’s passionatee about! When she fulfills her dream of a physical location bookstore with an open mic and a dancefloor, I am IN! Can’t wait for you all to read more about Melody!

Natalie Ruiz: What is your current job?

Melody Norton: Founder/CEO/Jack(alyn) of All Trades

Natalie Ruiz: What do you want to share about your business?

Melody Norton: My company, Unfeathered Ink, offers writing, coaching & publishing services and looks forward to growing our small press. Unfeathered Ink approaches all projects through an anthropological and cross-cultural lens and embraces the diversity of humanity.

Natalie Ruiz: What do you love about it?

Melody Norton: I love that the story and needs of every client are unique. Of all the services we offer, coaching & creative consultation is probably my favorite. It can be a very telling and therapeutic process for the client/author. It provides me the opportunity to best serve them and they gain a sense of intent and clarity through the process which results in them seeing their dream project come to life. I’m grateful to be a part of their journey and I’ve realized that guiding others through the writing process has really turned out to be a calling.

Natalie Ruiz: What makes you great at what you do?

Melody Norton: Research. Before starting Unfeathered Ink, I was a career administrator which really honed my attention to detail, but starting my own business gave me an excuse to do what I love, research. Going in, I didn’t know what I wanted my niche to be and I didn’t know how I’d get there without a hands-on mentor or formal education in business. But the truth is, through my research, I’ve…



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