Advice for Success: Carol Evans of Planet Peacock Business on One Way Leaders Can Stay Open to New Perspectives and Ideas

Natalie Ruiz
3 min readJan 30, 2023

An Interview by Natalie Ruiz

Carol Evans of Planet Peacock

In order for leaders to thrive over time, they need to continue learning and be open to new ideas and perspectives. The world continues to change, new technology takes hold, and if leaders do not stay nimble, they won’t succeed.

As part of the series, Advice for Success, I was thrilled to connect with Carol Evans and ask her to share one practice that helps her thrive through all she faces in business and life.

Carol Evans is a Business Success Mentor and best-selling author (teasingly known as The Queen of Passion, Purpose, and Profit). Presenting in the House of Lords, meetings on Downing Street, and luxury spa resorts have given Carol the tools to have a business career as an inspiring leader and now as a successful entrepreneur. She combines her business expertise with her hospitality and wellness experience to provide Business and Visibility Retreats for female business owners around the world with Planet Peacock.

What is one tip you can share with leaders who need to navigate change and ensure that they’re staying open to new perspectives and ideas?

Journaling when you wake up. Start the day by just jotting down things that you’re grateful for. Really feel appreciation as you write each item. This ensures you start each day positively. When you focus on appreciation, you lose any expectations you have that can often cause you to feel down, angry or disappointed. Nothing positive can come from a position of negativity.

Then just journal. Use the time to explore new ideas. Just jot down whatever is in your head. Some of my best ideas have happened through doing this.

I also recommend journaling about the day in a present tense and positive manner, for example, I am negotiating this contract really well, and my clients are thrilled with the offering I making to them and are really keen to start…. This helps me to focus on the prospect of a positive outcome, whereas we are generally wired to expect a negative outcome. By focusing on the positive, we are much more likely to feel relaxed and this will enable us to perform at our best.”



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