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Helping womxn grow professionally via mentoring, advocacy, & published features. Sharing insights & a bit of life as a CEO, mother, helper, and human.💕
Actual attire of this work-from-home CEO

Long ago, maybe two or three lifetimes back, I remember wearing heels and business attire almost every single day. It was expensive, sometimes uncomfortable, and it meant dressing and acting like one person while on the clock and then getting to be ME on my off time. Ugh.

I spent…

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

We have big dreams and audacious goals, and we aren’t sure how to achieve them. Looking at the seemingly overnight success that’s splashed all over social media, it can seem like winning is one part magic and one part luck, and this can be massively demotivating when you’re not feeling…

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

The idea of networking used to make me cringe. Now, I enjoy it.

What changed?

Well… Everything!

Networking for me used to mean attending events that felt forced. Shaking hands and exchanging business cards over catered snacks and the obligatory glass of red or white — while dodging the inevitable…

Image provided by Yvonne Alston

As part of my series about “Powerful Womxn Who Are Changing The World”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Yvonne Alston, the DEI Strategist / Culture Cultivator/ Unapologetically Authentic Courage Champion who is the Founder and Principal of Indelible Impressions Consulting, LLC (IIC). She is passionate about creating lasting, sustainable…

Natalie Ruiz

Had an epiphany this weekend while reading Adam Grant’s Think Again: The self-doubt and Impostor Syndrome I have fought with my entire life have actually been a SUPERPOWERS.

Because of the nagging feeling that I didn’t belong or wasn’t good enough — which has pestered me for a lifetime —…

Natalie Ruiz

In February, I turned 38.

If you know me, you know my goal age from kindergarten has been 44. I have had a lot of reasons for this being a goal age, including believing I would be old enough to be secure, confident, and settled while being young enough to…

Natalie Ruiz

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