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Helping womxn grow professionally via mentoring, advocacy, & published features. Sharing insights & a bit of life as a CEO, mother, helper, and human.💕

Organizations can thrive by inviting more voices into conversations about who they must become next

The world continues to change. Technology has made it possible for many of us to work from anywhere and to have a level of flexibility that we could not have imagined 20 years ago.

We are also in the midst of what is being called ‘the great resignation’ with more people quitting their jobs than we have seen in two decades. There is a lot of discussion on WHY people are leaving their jobs — some think that folks hesitated to resign in the midst of pandemic uncertainty, and now that things feel less shakey, they’re quitting their jobs... Sure…

An Interview with Natalie Ruiz

As part of my series about “Powerful Womxn Who Are Changing The World”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Prachi Thakur, the Diversity Strategist at World Women Tourism. She endeavors to make tourism and hospitality more inclusive.

Before meeting Prachi, I have to admit that I too have had less than stellar experiences when traveling alone or with a small group of other women, and I somewhat accepted this. Learning about her focus on making travel more equitable to all has been inspiring, and I am thrilled to introduce you all to the incredible Prachi!

Tell us about the work…

Forget the elevator pitch, awkward conversations, and stacks of business cards destined for the garbage can — this is networking that won’t leave you feeling dirty or depleted.

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

The idea of networking used to make me cringe. Now, I enjoy it.

What changed?

Well… Everything!

Networking for me used to mean attending events that felt forced. Shaking hands and exchanging business cards over catered snacks and the obligatory glass of red or white — while dodging the inevitable creeps in the room and dying a slow and painful death-by-small-talk was the norm. My hope was to make it back to the office with maybe ONE person who I could speak with again about something of value.

It never felt like a good use of my time, and the…

An Interview with Natalie Ruiz

Image provided by Yvonne Alston

As part of my series about “Powerful Womxn Who Are Changing The World”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Yvonne Alston, the DEI Strategist / Culture Cultivator/ Unapologetically Authentic Courage Champion who is the Founder and Principal of Indelible Impressions Consulting, LLC (IIC). She is passionate about creating lasting, sustainable change through DEI work that is driven by data and courageous compassion.

Yvonne is doing the work to create a more inclusive world for us all. I am thrilled to highlight her and the amazing work she is doing through her organization!

Tell us about the work you do:


An Interview with Natalie Ruiz

Maryellen Baker Photography

As part of my series about “Powerful Womxn Who Are Changing The World”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Daphne Subar, who is a law practitioner turned baker and entrepreneur! Not only is she on a mission to help the world be a little sweeter, but she also hopes to inspire women to follow their passions and achieve their dreams.

I am thrilled to highlight Daphne Subar and share her inspiring story and delicious creations.

After practicing law for many years, Daphne came to the realization that it was time to follow her dreams and passion and open a bakery…

Can self-doubt actually help you succeed?

Natalie Ruiz

Had an epiphany this weekend while reading Adam Grant’s Think Again: The self-doubt and Impostor Syndrome I have fought with my entire life have actually been a SUPERPOWERS.

Because of the nagging feeling that I didn’t belong or wasn’t good enough — which has pestered me for a lifetime — I’ve worked harder, been more humble, and asked more questions. I am a learn-it-all vs a know-it-all, and I am passionate about advocating for others.

I know Impostor Syndrome has added fuel to the fire inside of me that keeps me curious and seeking more.

I’ve had Impostor Syndrome since…

What would I tell my almost 18-year-old self if I could talk to her?

Natalie Ruiz

In February, I turned 38.

If you know me, you know my goal age from kindergarten has been 44. I have had a lot of reasons for this being a goal age, including believing I would be old enough to be secure, confident, and settled while being young enough to still be fun and adventurous. When I was 8 years old, I also thought 44 would be the perfect age to run for president. As I type this, I do not even know if having a ‘goal age’ is a common thing — I hope you’ll let me know!


An Interview with Natalie Ruiz

Image provided by Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney

As part of my series about “Powerful Womxn Who Are Changing The World”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney. She is a certified fitness trainer, nutritionist, and holds a master’s of science in psychology. Through her wellness brand Fleur de Lis Fitness, her goal is to help you go from feeling frustrated, stuck, and out of love with your body to feeling more alive and confident through her signature wellness programs.

Claire helps women become the bosses of their bodies. She has expertly guided countless ambitious, over-stressed women to transform their bodies and their eating habits through her…

An Interview with Natalie Ruiz

Image provided by Genein Letford

As part of my series about “Powerful Womxn Who Are Changing The World”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Genein Letford, who is an Intercultural Creativity Keynote, Author, and Trainer. She got her start and found her passion for intercultural creativity work when she was working with young children, promising teens, and C-suite executives all at the same time and saw how her work could impact the world. Genein has woven together financial wellbeing, creativity, and inclusion into her work to create a truly important concept that she believes will change the world.

I am thrilled to highlight Genein Letford…

Learn and Level-Up, Even While You’re Stuck In An Alien Landscape

Photo by Nicolas Lobos on Unsplash

Have you ever shown up on your first day at a new company, looked around, and asked yourself, “Where the Hell am I and how did I get here?”

New jobs can be full of hope — they can also be generators of disappointment, anxiety, and a new zeal for a fresh job search!

I’ve had plenty of fresh starts that felt more like a crash landing on an alien landscape than securing a dream job, and I’m happy to report that all of the adventures I survived helped…

Natalie Ruiz

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